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Pearl 12/26/06
Pearl Man Attacked by Pit Bull

It happened about 3:00 on Ashbury Road in a newly annexed section of Pearl, north of the old city.
Kim Jurgens said he was attacked by two dogs, one of which bit him on the hand. He tried to fend the dogs off by going into a karate stance.

A Pearl animal control officer arrived on the scene and witnessed one dog still threatening, and destroyed it with two bullets.

At first Jurgens wouldn't talk with us, but changed his mind when he thought about kids in the area. "I had a cell phone with me and I called 911, but it went through to Rankin County S.O. which transferred me into Pearl P.D., and the Pearl Police Department came out and animal control had to shoot the dog during that time."

The dog did not have a collar and police are looking for its owner. Jurgens went to the hospital for treatment.


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