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Physical playing

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For those of you who have 2 or more pits do you allow them to play rough with each other? If so how rough do and when do you make them stop?

Right now my 10 week old and year and 3 month old go at it pretty good.. Not trying to hurt each other just pretty rough. I have been making them stop the past couple days thinking it may not be to good.. What are your thoughts?
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of course... but as the saying goes... dont ever trust a APBT not to fight.. LOL

The only ones I didn't pay attention to usually were all the females raised by Hooch, cause they were raised by Hooch.. Males will usually always get into it a lil with each other as do females, generally males and females do well together but again^^^^^^^

NO do not leave them unattended; cause once your sure they are fine with each is the moment they are not.. Hooch and Sadity his double bred daughter was like peas and carrots.

I kept sadity out of 3 pups almost 4mos old because she showed her stuff twice, once at 6 weeks when the billy goat was roughin up the pups my buddies and I were watchin and laughin and sadity stayed out of the way just watchin the whole mess and the goat had moved her direction she wasn't movin just chill, and that goat whopped her for not movin I guess and just as soon she laid into the snout of that goat and we were all off our azz in laughter watching that goat try to shake the pup, and then everytime the goat hit a pup she ran over and hit the goat we had to curve that to something else, well a month later Hooch ran off and pups followed, Hooch came back pup did not, over the whole outside of Nowata and a good friend of mine and I were at the burn pit just after feedin and heard the coyotes yippin, and thought OH man they are real close about that time they got that attack sound jackal like cause they are jackals, and I heard sadity light up; I said oh man that ditty, .. well I ran about an acre out and two pups met me, from the looks and sounds of it, Sadity and pups runin up got ambushed and sadity being lead pup had to turn back and jumped whatever had her littermates down. Sadity had a ear tore a rump rip and snout bite, while her sister who was later named pensicola was haggered. The third gyp pup didn't make it back from the mix up. SO glad to have the two back I gave the other to my buddy and kept Sadity. Her and Hooch couldnt be trusted with any male or female dog alone but with each they would play HARD and I mean HARD without gettin in it. Im sure others with a male and female close like that have similar experiences with the attitude of their dogs with other dogs but not the certain pair usually they have to be related to have this bond usually not always.

The point of the story is that even as pups they have the trigger that APBTs are known for, and are capable of damage as when we went back those coyotes not only ate the one pup, they cannibalized two others, Hmmm they must have been badly injured for such an occurance.. SO mindful vigilance, no excuses when they rip in to each other and you panic cause its unexpected; you should always know the limits usually when one get frustrated its gone too far! Keep the Shhhht or AT/Aht sound to regulate the level of play so they know they goin to far, and keep mindful cause ... OnnnnnnnnnE day, LOL
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