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Pit Bull Attack Leaves One Woman Bitten And Two Dogs Dead...
( Air Date: 1/4/2007 )
A local realtor gets an unexpected guest while showing a St. Joseph home.

Police say two pit bulls in the neighborhood got loose and one attacked. Police say the dog bit the realtors pant leg and didn`t break skin.

The realtor told police she was showing clients a house in this neighborhood. ..that`s when the two pit bulls got loose.

When police arrived they had to shoot one of the dogs twice to protect themselves. That stopped the dog at first, but witnesses say the dog got up a few minutes later.

Both dogs were taken by animal control and the owner signed off for both to be put down. A next-door neighbor says the dogs were usually kept chained up and fenced in...and remembers only one other time where one of the dogs actually got loose. She says she`s familiar with the dogs...and describes them as very aggressive toward people they don`t know.

She says although the death of her neighbor`s dog is sad..now she`s feeling relief.

"There`s no way a human could survive a dog attacking them in that way without a gun...there` s no way. The dog survived two riffle shots and was still alive an hour later. If that would have been me standing there or holding my child walking across the yard, my child would be dead," says next door neighbor, Maxine Ellis.

Police say the owner had 3 pit bulls. He was able to keep....one that didn`t get loose.

The owner did not want to comment about the incident.

Animal control did give him a ticket for a leash law violation.


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