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(btw, I hate posting these things, but we have to watch all the incidents now because many of them lead straight to bsl):(

Richland Co. - A 20-year-old Columbia man was attacked by a pit bull as he walked along Farrow Road Tuesday night.

The attack sent Mustarda Tucker to the hospital where, today, he was bandaged from head to toe in his room at Providence Northeast.

"A dog chased after me, I tried to run and then he attacked me," Tucker said.

When the attack began, Farrow Road resident Greg Bowman heard Tucker's cries for help.

"He [the dog] was jerking and shaking and pulling...it was pulling flesh," Bowman said.

The dog belonged to a woman living three doors away from Bowman. It has since been euthanized, but that doesn't comfort Bowman who says the woman still has two more pit bulls in the open backyard.

"Thinking about the dogs running around, and I got kids out here. You just never know what's going to happen," he said.

The dog owner told News 19 she plans to remove the other dogs from her home. Richland County has also fined her more than $3,000 for having a vicious, at-large dog that was not licensed with the county.

Mustarda Tucker is hoping to be home from the hospital by Christmas. He knows his wounds will eventually go away, but his mother, Juliet, says her appreciation for the people who helped will never fade.

"I just want to thank the people that did help him," Juliet Tucker said. "I want to thank them personally. I don't just want to look on t.v. and say thank you--I want to see them face-to-face and I want to tell them 'Thank you.'"

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