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Midwest City, OK - Pit bull owners in this Oklahoma town can breathe easier today. KFOR News reported last night that the state Supreme Court has overturned a ban on dogs that have the word "pit" in their name.

The fight to overturn the breed-specific ban was led by Jerry Stuckey, owner of several bull terriers. Stuckey had been fighting the city on this unfair ruling for three years.

Even though Oklahoma state law clearly stated that breed-specific bans were unlawful, the city officials wanted their ruling to stand. According to one of the city's attorneys, it was more about the city retaining control and setting their own laws, than about dogs.

But their lust for control put pets at risk.

Thanks to Stuckey's efforts for his own dogs, the owners of other "pit bull types" of dogs can rest easy today.

Gone, too, is the presumption that all of these "types" of dogs are vicious. Other states with breed-specific legislation in place should take note -- specific breeds aren't "bad."

Dangerous dogs develop as a result of bad ownership -- states wanting to make a change need to put their money and effort towards laws that will mandate responsible dog ownership instead of slapping a ban on "dangerous" breeds.

Pit bull ban overturned by Supreme Court - National Dogs | Examiner.com
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