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Pit bull breaks into house

By DAVID FITZGERALD - [email protected] nwherald. com

CRYSTAL LAKE - A pit bull broke through the screen door of a Crystal Lake duplex and attacked the owner's 10-year-old Labrador retriever Tuesday night.

The black Lab, named Sam, was taken to the Animal Emergency Clinic of McHenry County for bite wounds on his head, jowl and ear.

Sam's owner, Cristine Orton, of 350 First Court, Unit 1, Crystal Lake, said the dog was sedated and she was waiting to hear the extent of his injuries.

Orton said she was putting away groceries when the pit bull dashed through the screen and clenched its jaw on her dog's head, refusing to let go.

"My dog was being shaking like a rag doll," Orton said.

The caretaker of the 3-year-old male American Stafford Shire, Linda Paulsen, of 262 Uteg St., No. A, Crystal Lake, later was able to get control over the dog, Crystal Lake Police reported.

The pit bull's owner, Patti Wuich, was not present during the incident, police said.

A McHenry County Department of Animal Control officer is investigating the incident, police said.

That investigation will include a consideration of a possible violation of the McHenry County Vicious Animal Ordinance.

http://www.nwherald .com/articles/ 2007/05/09/ news/local/ doc46414aa888255 900213505. txt

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word travels fast! I deal with McHenry animal control alot so I got a little more informatio about the attack. The 3 year old pitbull was in the care of the owners friend when he saw the neighbors lab through the screen door. In the blink of an eye, the pitbull went right thru the screendoor and grabbed the lab by the face. the attack only lasted about 15 seconds and the pitbull just let go and left. Locally, a dog needs 3 complaints before the states atty will even consider getting involved, this dog had never been a problem before.after a lot of consideration, the caretker was issued a 50.00 ticket and the caretaker chose to have the dog put down. this happened in the town next to Cary, where Nick Foley and 5 other people were attacked by 3 pitbulls last year. they were all shot dead at the scene.
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