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Hello all

Proud new owner of what I'm told is either American Staff or Pit Bull and I would love to know which do you think/know?

Princess is supposedly 2 3/4 years old and female. I've had her since November of 2022( 3 months).

Very easy going and chill but super excitable over anything. Walking into the Vet's office you'd think it was a surprise party for her. Crying and moaning. She is very good with other dogs so far and has zero aggression. She is actually all curiosity from what I can tell. I'd love to hear your feedback about what you think she is and any tips for extreme excitability.

Thank you!


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Hello legoman322 and welcome to Go Pitbull.
Unfortunately, without having the pedigree papers that show the dogs lineage, there is no one that can accurately tell you what the breed or mix of your dog is. By looks, she does have some bully mix and is a beautiful looking girl. What a sweet face she has.
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