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MIDDLETOWN - After the brutal death of a two-year-old pit bull last week, people are stepping up to stop the alleged dog fighting that led to his demise. And people want get these criminals so bad they are offering money.

Last week, a dog was left for dead near the construction site of the new Middletown High School. He was found and taken to Pieper-Olson Animal Hospital on Randolph Road where the staff of the hospital fell in love with the dog and named him Gideon.

"You always feel bad," said Dr. Jonathan Gustavson, veterinarian at Pieper Olson. "He was a great dog."

According to Animal Control Officer Gail Petras, Gideon was believed to have been in several dog fights. He was either not a good fighter or used as a bait dog, she alleges.

Gideon had scars that were a few months old. There were wounds that were old and infected and still, there were new wounds. None of the wounds had received medical treatment.

"Basically, you treat them as best as you can," Gustavson said. He said the staff tried to warm up the dog and gave him antibiotics.

However, it was not enough.

Gideon died Monday night at the hospital. News of his death and his torture spread. And one man has stepped up to help.

A former Middletown resident, Jeffery Jump, is offering a $1,000 reward for anyone who can help get an arrest or conviction in Gideon's death.
And he is not alone.

Petras said there is another person who is offering to match Jump's offer. She said besides those two offers, several people are willing to add money to the pile.

"I have never had this type of situation," Petras said.
Petras said after Gideon's death, people have also been contacting her with many tips and leads on where dog fighting may have occurred.

"We are getting information; hopefully we can stop this (dog fighting)," Petras said. "Hopefully, we can stop it from happening again."
Petras said Jump has contacted other animal outreach groups to help, such as the Connecticut Humane Society.

Petras thanked the public for its support and she encouraged people to keep sending tips to the police on the incident and to keep any eye out for other injured dogs. Residents can call Petras at 344-3298. Anyone who finds a wounded or stray dog is asked to bring them to animal control.

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