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Maggie Moo's cancels pit bull fundraiser
By Toriano L. Porter | [email protected]

Calls of complaints to the corporate offices of Maggie Moo's Ice Cream Treatery canceled a fundraiser Thursday at the chain's Independence Commons location for the Missouri Pit Bull Rescue organization.

Melanie Gipson of MPR said Maggie Moo's Independence franchise owner Debbie Klatt informed her Thursday morning that unspecified complaints were made to the parlor by unidentified entities, as well as to the company's corporate office in Atlanta.

A fundraiser dubbed Celebrity Scoop Night was scheduled from 6-9 p.m. Thursday at Maggie Moo's, 19130 East 39th Street, to benefit the non-profit, volunteer-led organization that places abused or "homeless" Pit Bull Terriers into temporary foster homes.

"This is the first time that I have ever experienced anything like this while working with MPR, and we are all surprised," Gipson said. "I am saddened that individuals would make threats on a business that is just trying to help out a non-profit group."

Klatt declined to comment on the situation other than to say "we just simply decided to cancel the event."

Gipson said 10 percent of the sales during that time was earmarked to benefit MPR. Dick Dale from 96.5 FM the Buzz, who adopted a pit bull from the group a few years ago, was even tapped to be on site from 6-7 p.m. as celebrity host.

Gipson said she still went to Maggie Moo's Thursday for ice cream on MPR's behalf but couldn't put up a information table or pass out literature, adding she completely understood Klatt's predicament.

"She is a franchise owner and can't let this hurt her business," Gipson said.

MPR is a group that promotes responsible pit bull ownership, provides breed education, combats pet over-population, fights unfair legislation and finds qualified homes for sound pit bull dogs in Missouri. Approximately 30 active MPR volunteers help year-round trying to solicit donations, sponsorship and adoption fees and fundraisers, Gipson said.

Because of multiple incidents involving pit bull dogs, Independence has banned the breed within the city, except for those that were properly registered.

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