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Hello, and thanks for choosing to read my post. I am totally exhausted and frustrated trying to find a home for myself and my 2 wonderful dogs. Pits.
They are 8 and 3, both spayed, up to date on all shots, receive monthly flea tick and heartworm. they are also microchipped.

they are my WHOLE world and I WONT part with them!

This is creating a huge problem.
I been evicted from my family childhood home when my dad passed.
I cant afford to stay here in a big single family home nor does the bank want to entertain that! They want to sell it!

I'm willing to leave my s.shore Massachusetts area if need be.

I took care of my father for 5 years. I am very qualified as a P.C.A., maybe there' a swap? My boyfriend is also very handy.
Raking, shoveling, running errands, all small jobs.

Please email me with anything you come up with.
Id be extremely grateful as will my girls.

Thanks for reading.
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