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Has anyone heard of registering your Pit bull as an Emotional Support Animal?
I heard about this from a friend. There are certain provisions in Federal Law that supersede BSL. It is viewed in the same light as a Service Dog. I am still researching this, as I have 2 wonderful Pit Bulls and am about to embark on a new career as a traveling health care worker. Does anyone have any information about this? What are your thoughts?

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They are not the same as a service dog. Having an animal be there because you need them is perfectly acceptable. But they need to perform a task to be designated as a service dog. Like detecting low insulin. A seeing eye dog. Assistance dogs. Trained to Take their owners out of anxiety attacks etc. many features. They are covered by the government. Emotional support animals are only required by law to be allowed into housing. Breed can not trump that. This graph may help.

Both dogs will not qualify unless they are supporting two people in your home. I really don't like when people use this to supersede local breed discriminatory laws. I understand if it's needed but just to get it done because you live somewhere they aren't allowed is not shooting good faith.

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