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Consistency is key. A good trainer if you need hands on help. Take s look at the stickies but NILF is a good link. Nothing in life is free. What does your dog like food toys treats? Something that is high value and use that to get him to work for it. Work being behaving. Texting a dog bite inhibition at this age is hard but not impossible. I got my dog addicted to chuck it balls when he was a puppy so now he just wants something in his mouth when he is excited. Hard to know where to start. Slowly introducing him to the outside since that is where you said you have the most problems with his behavior right?

I volunteer at a shelter and we would much rather a dog be returned to us if you're having problems. Sometimes matches don't work out. We had one dog that was exactly like this and the people thought they could handle it and they could not. It depends where you are of course and every shelter and rescue is different, our shelter is no kill. Yeah women who adopted him gave him to you instead of having the shelter? Sorry just a bit confused why you were given the dog. That's a lot of owners in a short period of time.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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