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Hi everyone I just posted the same post in another forum because I need your help.

For those that don't know me my name is Alex. Ive been a long time member of this forum since 2011. Actively until 2013, a lot has happened since, I now have an extra dog and my wife and I have 3 kids, hence why I'm not so active anymore.

Unfortunately this time around I'm not posting exciting news about Roxy :( .

Roxy might have cancer, they found a large mass in her stomach the size of a baseball. We have been fighting this for over a month not knowing what she had until they discovered the mass. Unfortunately she has open sores all over her exterior body and in her mouth. Its the way her body is fighting the mass in her stomach. We are going to the vet about 2 times every week.

Ive created a go fund me account explaining everything that she is going through with pictures, all i ask if you can't donate is to please keep Roxy in your prayers and post this on your Facebook.

Below is the go fund me link


and thanks a ton!!! from a fellow pitbull lover and forum member!
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