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This is one of my easiest that they totally love!!!!

Get a pack of ground bison... it has to be bison to work best.

- Boil water

- Roll teeny tiny bison meatballs

- Throw them into the boiling water.

- simmer for about 20 minutes (they will float to the top and the fat will cook off of them.

- preheat the oven to 350

- scoop them out of the boiling water/ drain the water off

- place them on tin foil or a cookie sheet

- bake for 5 minutes to brown them then lower the heat to about 200

- keep them in for another 15-10 minutes watching that the heat is not up to high . This will dry out the excess moisture but not make them crunchy.

Mine LOVE these little bison balls.

You can freeze them if you make a big batch and then take them out as needed.

Only use them when you train or as a special reward so they do not get too used to having them. Treats that are high value work best when training. Also if you use treats mix it up, don't always use the same type.

OK, now post your easy recipe.
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