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I had my daughters birthday party yesterday. I had a house jam packed with kids, adults and a cockapoo that was 6 months old. even though we made it explicitly clear no dogs.

So, I'm looking at this puppy and I look at Toby, and I say. We asked that nobody bring dogs." I understand you traveled a little bit to get here, but I am not crating or otherwise restraining my dog in his house so yours can run free. The only time I will is if I see a behavior issue. Your welcome to use my extra crate."

Long story short. Toby was exceptionally well behaved yesterday. Never nervous or skittish. He walked around like he owned the joint. He played with the kids and anyone who would pick up his toy. He was as gentle a dog his size could be with a snack sized dog. Toby never really was more than 5 feet from me unless I let him out back. The only hiccups we had is mugged a couple kids for their chips and hot dogs. Even the lady who is petrified by the breed was pettin on him by the end of the night.

I love the hell out of Toby I wish I could have 10 more JUST like him.
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