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im working on his leave it, he's picking it up, just a little stubborn at times, all it takes now is a little quick tug on the leash and he stops looks at me and waits till i start moving again.. He will be getting neutered on Tuesday morning, does this make a big difference in focusing? or is it only in certain dogs? i have heard mixed things from others..
You will get mixed advice and comments on neutering but some people are anti-neutering anyways so take it with a grain of salt. I have owned both intact and neutered males and in my experience the neutered males were better pets and got less agitated. Intact males will listen but it all depends on there training. Our intact males were K9 dogs used for police work so they were WELL trained. I had two intact males in my last OB class who were over a year old. Both of them acted like hormonal teenage boys with ADD sniffing everything and whiney. Pets should be spayed and neutered regardless especially where you rescued him. Why didn't they fix him before he left the rescue anyways?? Rescues usually don't adopt out until they are fixed especially where your guy is older he should have been done.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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