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Aside from Kong & Nylabone

Can you guys think of any other chews made in the USA?

I was searching through our petsmart & all the puppy chew toys with soft parts are made in CHINA. it was ridiculous... I refuse to buy anything for my dogs unless it's made in USA, which left me with puppy kong - not many options & Lily could care less for the kong toys. Lex is a different story since he's full grown & can handle the tough stuff.

Any suggestions on puppy toy alternatives that are made in the States? Please, Lily & I thank you kindly.

As far as raw hide goes, fuhget-about-it


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I would take a look at West Paw Design and Planet Dog, they are both made in the United States and are very durable. The west paw is a firmer rubber, were the planet dog toys are softer and minty.

West Paw Design:

Planet Dog:

We also recently started carrying Vibram K9, they are made in the USA as well.

Since Lily is a puppy, i would look at the:
Orbee Tuff Bone Medium

Orbee Ball Medium


ZogoFlex Bumi Small

ZogoFlex Hurley Large
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