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Question about my pups bloodline

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Hello everyone,
I'm new to this site and to all of this period. My sister gave me a 6 wk old puppy she got from a friend of hers that apparently bred his two pit bulls. She couldn't handle the puppy and a newborn so I offered to take her because she needed a home. I guess guy who bred her is i what you all call a "BYB"...He said that she is from Hawaiian bloodline and Razors Edge. I have read from all the posts that the razors edge bloodline is "not a real apbt" its an american bully but has anyone heard of the Hawaiian bloodline??? I can't find anything on it. All the help I could get would be great!!! Like I said I am new to this so please bear with me.
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Hawaii Julz Rock is the full name of the line and they are american bullies and I mean bully bullies. What they call freaks. Just to let you know
Hawaii julz “rock” is a dog, not a bloodline name. Hawaii Julz APBT is my family bloodline established over the past 30+ years. And no not freaks and not Am bullys but red nose APBT.
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