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Question about my pups bloodline?

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The breeder I bought her from said she was Avant and Las Vegas Red, never got to look into bloodline till I saw this forum. She's purebred American Pitbull Terrier but is Avant and Las Vegas Red. Anyone know of any of the two?
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Avant is a big bloodline in Texas and yes it is Bully. They are typically red dogs and from everything I have read on them several have really bad ankle problems. I'll post more in a minute.
The Avant bloodline was started by MT Avant and a few kennels in Austin, Texas breed 100% Avant. Most 100% Avant dogs are often Easty Westy and not conform to ABKC standard. Like I said in my earlier post they have ankle problems. Now I have seen some Avant/Gaff crosses that are very nice. It stems from Camelot blood from what I have seen and it can be found mixed with RE, Gotti, Watchdog etc. Avant did have a game dog at one time.


As for the Las Vegas Red, Sadie posted everything that I found on it.

Avant Dog

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1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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