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Raw Diet

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going to start nismo on a raw food diet. i cant afford 60 bucks a month for his food.
do we already have a raw diet outline?
i searched didnt find much
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do you think it would be a difficult switch for him since he has GI issues.
he has to have grain free food, no people food. his stomach is REALLY sensitive.
do see a problem with going raw?
im worried about the bone part, i dont want him to get a block.
it says not to feed dairy, but for a probiotic would a tbs of organic plain yogurt work? or is there something else over the counter.
thank you for the info that helps a lot!
i think i need to really study this diet before i make the decision. if something did go wrong i dont have money to get his stomach back tonormal. he almost dies with his GI attack last time
so just got back from the butcher shop. lil bit spendy. ha.
they didnt have chicken backs or whole turkey necks. they just had ground turkey neck for a dollar something per pound.
also got some liver, some chicken breast.
tonight im going to go to the store and pick up some gizzards.
in that plan it said keep the ground up stuff to maybe once weekly. but i cannot find chicken backs or whole turkey necks ANYWHERE around here. do you think it'll be ok?
im going to first start him on some satin balls for a day, then start the diet.
anyone have any advice or input?
im really trying to do my research i wanna do this the right way
good deal, thank you!
week no. 4: were doing great, better than expected! on schedule. he's gained quite a bit more mass, which im very happy with. his energy level is, crazy lol.
one question tho, i do supplement fish oil tabs. his coat is shiny and soft, but he still has a lot of dander? any idea's? he's never really had dander like this until the 2d week of the switch
What are you feeding now? Sounds like he needs some more oil in his diet. Try pouring a tablespoon of olive oil over his food 2-3 times a week. Also, when you bathe him, use a moisturizing shampoo and brush him frequently.
right now he's on pork and chicken, we'll start turkey tomorrow.
i have been brushing frequently, maybe need to look into a new shampoo. maybe i'll use Riley's baby shampoo lol.
i'll try tbs of olive oil. thank you!!!!
I know this is probably gonna stir something up again b/c it did in the PAST but you really need to NOT feed your dog pork. But some folks would disagree. I do not feed my dogs Pork..

"Pork in itself is as harmless to dogs as chicken, beef or any other meat. However, there is a risk of your dog being infected with trichinosis by eating pork. Trichinosis, also known as trichinellosis, is a worldwide, food borne disease caused by an intestinal roundworm, uncommon in the United States. Both humans and pets who eat raw or undercooked meat of infected animals can develop the disease. Undercooked or raw meat of infected animals contains the roundworm. The disease can lead to muscle soreness and pain together with swelling of the upper eyelids in mild cases but can lead to more severe symptoms."

Hun what is your whole diet consisting of?
Your coat on your dog should not look bad by feeding a proper RAW diet.

@ Pit Bull Palace: I feed a RAW diet to my dogs and I am probably one of the few that will tell you if you need to do a RAW / Kibble diet then go for it. Most who feed a combo like this are worried about a proper nutrition. On all my dogs that come into my life from a pup or adult get switch over from kibble to RAW. Now when I have a litter they start at 4 weeks on a raw diet. I like them to have a correct start.
well we're about into week 5 of the switch, i am taking it a bit slower due to his past stomach issues and major sensitivity. so i WAS feeding chicken, pork and turkey (is as far as we've gotten for til now). but looking into pork more, and like what you guys said, theres not really a need to feed it. so i stopped pork and plan on moving on to some tuna tomorrow. he had just gotten used to the pork, so im going to give his stomach some time to settle and just do turkey and chicken for 2 days before starting tuna.
im thinking he might not be getting enough fatty oils from the meat? so that would meen im not feeding enough fatty meat? hmmm.... that kinda sounds right but doesnt at the same time..

thank you!
So far so good. Holds his weight on. Stools are normal. Everything
Is good.
the only thing thats annoying about the RAW diet, I cant get my wife to feed Nismo anymore lol.
also the preperation time :p lmao you cant get a cup and scoop it into a bowl lol
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