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Hare Today, Gone Tommorow

The link for Hare Today had been down for a while in some States or certain areas of Georgia, Tennessee and others ...
I've spoken with Tracy a few times, and it was finally figured out that it was not the site itself through her own techs, but a problem with Comcast. As of a few days the site seems to be working again at least in my area as it wasn't for over a month. Hopefully its been fixed for other areas too.

But in case Tracy gladly accepts phone, email and fax orders.
She is trust worthy with your information, I've done phone orders with her because of this problem and my information (CC) was not abused. Here are the list of contacts if the site ever goes down again or is still not up in some areas.

[email protected]
Toll Free Phone/Fax: 1-800-640-3582
Phone/Fax: 814-587-2178
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