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Rebuilding rant!!!

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Let me just say how FURIOUS I am. I usually don't loose my cool but I really want to smack this guy! I bought a 66 chevy with the dream of having it rebuilt and given to my hubby as a birthday or anytime I love you present. OMG it had that wonderful old truck smell and I imagined the look of shock and surprise in my hubby's eyes.......sigh:confused:...so a girl can dream big right?? Found a local guy who said he would do it, created a contract to give him a year an a half to do it with us supplying the parts, but all I have heard has been crickets. The time line was to be completed by March of 09, well the truck is still broken down into pieces...potty mouth, potty mouth potty mouth!!!
So we took him to court for breach of contract and now are in negotiations to settle out of court. Now his lawyer says his client:mad: doesnt want to do any work on it at all just give it back as it in all it 1 zillion pieces!!! Potty mouth potty mouth potty mouth. Talk about having your dreams broken down to the core! We swapped our 77 Harley for the work to be done....if y'all could only see me in silent rage mode.....It isn't as if I could just put it back together myself (although that would be a fun project we could work on together) or even take it to another shop because rebuilding old trucks like that in todays economy is truly a luxury....any ideasfrom you folks that know how to do this sort of stuff?
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Contact the BBB and file a complaint... chances are his attitude will change once its brought up
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