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Kinda new here so this may be an old subject and if so please forgive me.

I want to get some facts on red mange. No assumptions please. Through the years there have been a few changes in the opinions of vets concerning red mange. Some of them go to extremes.
The literature that I believe is this one... I read that 80% of dogs carried the red mange. The red mange mites had little effect on a dog so long as the dogs immune system was strong and that female dogs coming into season and/or pregnant could show signs of the mite. Also, the mites passed from the dam to the pups during the first few days after being born and to stop this, you must remove the puppies, buy a breast pump to pump the dams milk to ensure that the antibodies from the milk build the puppies immune system . After 3-4 days of this the pups could be placed back under the care of the mother because their immune systems would be strong enough to somehow stop the mites.
Secondly I read that the red mange was passed through genetics.....???? This one is confusing. How can a mite be in the gene??? A weak immune system can be passed through genetics but the mite??? This vet website also stated that if the mange was generalized the dog should be "fixed"
I`ve also read that the red mange could be "cured"...
Point being...there`s so many different "facts" about the red mange out there that it makes it confusing. :hammer: Like I said, the first statement above makes more sense and sounds logical. What do you know??:confused:
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good post, my friends pup got red mange and the vet said it was genetic and I was like??? and she was 6 months when it started to show and she get her fixed.
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