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Please take a moment to encourage the Erlanger city officials to lift its ban on pit bulls in favor of a generic dangerous dog ordinance. Contact info is below.

The next city council meeting is February 6, 2007. ~ Jodi

Erlanger reviews pit bull ban

ERLANGER - City council may lift its ban on pit bulls in favor of regulating all "vicious animals."

Resident Katie Jones asked council on Jan. 2 to reconsider the 21-year-old ban. She was cited by the Kenton County dog warden for owning a five-year-old pit bull, but argued her dog is not a danger to the community.

"She's a good dog," Jones said. "She's part of our family."

After researching the issue, the Public Safety committee has decided to recommend council update the pit bull ban, which was passed in 1986 in response after residents complained about the dogs.

"Our ordinance is 21 years old, so it is kind of outdated," said Chairman John Dunhoft.

He recommended council instead regulate all "vicious animals."

Police Chief Marc Fields said only four Kenton County cities ban pit bulls: Ludlow, Bromley, Erlanger and Elsmere.

Others allow - but regulate - all vicious animals.

"If you pattern your ordinance the way Covington has, it will be responsible owners that can have this breed," Fields said.

Covington residents must register a "vicious animal" with the city, have insurance to cover potential injuries and property damage caused by the animal, and only adults aged 18 and up may walk the animal in public.

"It puts the onus on the owner to control the animal," said Mayor Tom Rouse.

But Councilman Paul Hahn said not every animal owner is responsible, and while not every pit bull is dangerous, some may be.

"I believe we are treading on thin, thin ice," he said.

Fields said national statistics indicate pit bulls don't attack people as frequently as many believe, however.

"What they have more propensity to do is attack other dogs, because that's what they were bred to do," he said.

The police department would enforce the vicious animal ordinance, he said.

Council meets next on Tuesday, Feb. 6 at 7 p.m. at the city building.


The City of Erlanger, KY
505 Commonwealth Ave. Erlanger, KY 41018
Phone: 859.727.2525
Fax: 859.727.7944
Email: [email protected]nger. ky.us

Email Mayor Tom Rouse at:
[email protected]nger. ky.us

City Council

Email Jim Burger at:
[email protected] org

Email Kevin Burke at:
[email protected] com

Email Tom Cahill at:
[email protected] net

Email John Dunhoft at:
[email protected] com

Email Paul Hahn at:
[email protected]

Contact Keith Henry at:
[email protected] com

Cotact Bill Howard at:
[email protected] net

Contact Vickie Kyle at:
[email protected] com

Contact Corine Pitts at:
[email protected] net

Contact Greg Sandel at:
[email protected] net

Contact Renee at:
[email protected] insightbb. com

Contact Patty Suedkamp at:
[email protected] com

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