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Responsible owner at just the right time

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My middle daughter went on our daily walk with her scooter. Right off the bat we see the tiny 110lb girl walking her rotty and choc lab (both heavier than her) that break her grip a few times a week. Lucily we know them and the lab keeps the rotty cold when the girl freaks out everytime it happens. Thankfuly onyx is acustom to the pair.

Now all parents walking their dogs also have to place their child foremost on the walk as we all do. Well the police k9 trainer(very cool chic) had her GS in the yard and tgey greet from behind the fence, np. Well a block down there is a retriever/lab tracking trainer house. Not so friendly. Well one lab rushed the fence and scared eleni off her scooter and screamed. Wow instant response out of onyx. Jumped over eleni and just stacked froze. Eleni got up and ruby and onyx went cool again. Then i see a huge pressa just on the corner of my street. The owner sees me and instantly choked leeshed his pressa. Loudly announced "i have a dog agressive breed please dont come close" thank goodness someone who is competant with his breed and recognising another bully/combat breed.

When he announced that we worked together to get one another around and past eachother. Man kids scooters with dog walks are movie worthy experiences
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Good stuff. There are a lot of dogs near ya huh?
Lmao alot is a understatement. Many multiple dog households, i honestly could say 5 out of 8 houses have dogs. Of those 5 houses 1 may have 3 or more. My hood is bulldog dominant. Our townhouse development has active planned dates foy bully breeds. Last time i went there was 40 bulldogs there. It was a wonderful experience
Thats nice that you can do that...I cant lol....Blue is kinda DA--not too hot but will def start something....My gsd is the one that can play with other dogs once introduced...My neighborhood has alot of dogs but I am in the burbs...No responsible owners here...Dogs escape the fences, break past electric fences, etc with the owners nowhere to be found. I wish we can put a bullet in them but CT has too many laws lol
Jimmy that is to cool that Onyx was protecting your daughter and thank goodness for responsible owners :D Very nice :D
If tgere was a few inches of slack on his lead he would have grabbed one of the three and i would have been in trouble. He felt like wreeling in a marlin threre was so much strain. If i didnt have ruby it wouldnt have been such a challenge with my shoulder
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