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Figured I would share a crappy photo of Riley's muscles coming back. Thanks to the wonderful eGGe..no thanks to her lazy owner who has panic attacks =/ I feel so bad that i am not putting the time I should in her but I am not right just yet...Haven't really even wanted to take photos lately

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Thanks guys, and yes I had full blood panals done and was tested for thyroid and I donot have it. It is depression due to losing two pets in one month which I have to help myself and work on it...I am just depressed.
Lisa, Riley came back because She is a bulldog and because she chewed 600 dollars worth of stuff so I got her back. THANK GOD! I missed her!
LOL, I so do Krystal. xD
My Mom is in town so that is fun
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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