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>From RPOA Texas Outreach and
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
"Animal welfare, not animal 'rights'
and, yes, there is a difference."
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August 16, 2011

All is going well for both RPOA and RPOA Texas Outreach since the 82nd Texas Legislative Session adjourned June 30th following the Special Session. Our membership and E-News subscriber list continues to grow by leaps and bounds as more animal owners become aware of the Animal Rights Extremists' legislative activity in our great state (in our cities and at the state level) at an increased rate since 2007 when the onerous San Antonio Animal Ordinance passed. It was promoted by two members of Texas Humane Legislation Network's board of directors at that time: Joel Hailey (San Antonio attorney) and Jef Hale (San Antonio Animal Care Services director).

Our Pet Care Hotline (Dial 210-PET-CARE) stays busy and is the only one in the U.S. If we don't have the answer, we'll find someone who does! There are more inquiries coming in about forming an RPOA Chapter in their areas.

We've recently sent in a second veterinarian's name with excellent credentials as our recommendation for Texas Dept. of Licensing & Regulation's Animal Advisory Committee regarding HB 1451, the Anti-Breeding Bill. We will not be making public our recommendations due to "animal rights" harassment and retaliation -- doing anything they can to keep our side "off" the Advisory Committee. Anyone can apply from the TDLR website.

We found this legislative session that Texas Humane Legislation Network (THLN) really does rule the roost at our state Capitol, bragging it was the best Session they ever had. THLN is the Texas lapdog for Humane Society of the US. All use, breeding and ownership of animals in Texas is now at risk -- even that big juicy T-Bone Steak. HB 1451 was just the toe in the door; agriculture is next. That well financed and well organized machine called HSUS is barrelling across our state like Texas Tumbleweed and must be stopped! HSUS, ASPCA and THLN all joined hands for a Lobby Day at the Texas Capitol this session. HSUS is PETA in a suit and tie. Donate to your local animal shelters who do hands-on with animals, not HSUS.

RPOA Texas Outreach's board of directors officially adopted a resolution at their last meeting to join Frank Losey's National Campaign asking IRS to remove HSUS' 501 (C)(3) Nonprofit Status. We would have joined in earlier but the Legislative Session got in the way! We'll have more on this in a subsequent E-News.

For now hug your animals - no matter what species they are - and stay tuned because "Animal Rights Means No Animals Left!" We can't let that happen.
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