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Subject: Additional Information regarding the new rules

I have had some discussion with members of the SV/WUSV and her are some of the high lights of the new rules. Much more discussion will take place at the college. But as you can see in many ways there are not too many significant changes from how we have been judging in the past.

I believe that in some ways this integration of FCI and WUSV to one IPO will bring more of the FCI based clubs into more of our style of judging (the working temperment) and not just the game or the points.

1.All dogs must be properly identified by Tattoo or Chip, If there is not clear ID but it is partial it must be noted in the paperwork

2.There is more emphasis on proper training of the dog to its "realistic level of performance" as judges we need to enforce that it is wrong to train and use excessive compulsion or torture dogs into performances that they are not capable of. We as judges need to educate Handlers, Trainers and Training Directors to recognize the dog’s limits and not allow inhumane methods to try to exceed these limits.

3 Some things the SV will not accept for themselves are the IPO-ZTP, We (USCA) may decide to make a variance for this title but I don't think its in our best interest. In order to do an SV Körung and a USCA Breed Survey the dog still needs to have gotten 80 points in protection in a prior trial.

4. The IPO-VO is a sport title only . This will not count as a “title” in the breed able sense. For breeding, an IPO 1 is required.

5. Strong emphasis that dogs in obedience need to appear “happy or lively,” not under pressure ( pressure brings the rating per exercise down by one rating and in severe cases two ratings). t is important to display a strong handler / dog relationship and teamwork. Being correct can not get full points if the picture of a happy/lively powerful team is not present

Dogs have to have eye contact with the handler during heeling in Obedience.

Unnatural” gaits by dog or handler result in point deduction. an example is the handler holding the left arm stiffly over or away from the dog, unnatural walk or the dog walking more on the rear than on the front,(hopping or prancing) The dog is to walk/trot on all 4 paws.

6.In the protection :
The escape there simultaneous command by the HF to bite on the escape etc., (this was added to make it appear as if the dog is not on his own pursuing a fleeing man). The handler watches the judge and when he gives the sign for the helper to run the handler gives the command. If the HF fails to give the command this will move the exercise one rating lower.

Checking in with the judge in IPO 1 is done with a leashed dog . IPO 2 and 3 unleashed.

For those of us that attended the SV Seminar in Las Vegas there is a push to better recognize the Transition Phase in the bite work as well as the " 5 mandatory phases to an attack "
The opening phase
the stress test (driving with or without stick hits)
the transition phase
the release phase
5the guarding phase.
As has been for awhile eemphasis is also on the fact that a full (but not powerful / weak grip) cannot get full points. The grip has to be “effective (powerful)” calm and full for full points.

In the out and transition phase it is as always incorrect for a dog to "spit" the sleeve out when the helper stops action/pressure or when the handler command out. If the dog requires a short amount of time (transition) a moment to release - there is no point deduction. during this phase the grip must remain calm and steady

In both Protection and OB the dog must be correct and guidable, The natural DRIVE (working Temperment) is more important and has a higher value higher correctness. Just as before though the overly powerful / drivey dog that makes mistakes cannot get the highest ratings, but also neither can the dog that is correct but without the power. The dog has to be “convincing" in its work.”

On Sat we will discuss trial rules etc and on Sunday our relationship with the GSDCA, the FCI and our responsibilities to USCA as well as the judges memorial award.

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Talk about this at our club today and we will see what interpretations come from the seminar where all the judges discuss the rules. What I posted above is more of one judges interpretations so when I get more facts I will post them up.
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