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?s on allergies

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What supplements are good for environmental allergies?
I've heard about bee pollen, what is the dosage?
While a switch in food stopped the body/feet licking and scratching, the last two days Conner has had red, irritated eyelids with thick goop. Gave him some Benadryl and it helped tremendously but don't want to just rely on that.

Also seems a possibility Willow and Kylee are having reactions from chicken. We will be going chicken free from here on out. Well, not Pheobe (unless needed) as she gets Fresh Pet and it pretty much all contains it.
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Bee pollen is about 5/8tsp for 40-50lb but start with small doses for the first week until you feel he isn't having a reaction to it. Some dogs can be allergic to it.
Trying to figure out some allergy stuff for my dog too. He's allergic to lamb and chicken and beef seems to upset his stomach.

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Duoxo products are good for topical use and bathing.
Genteal eye drops are what I use for my animals per my vets suggestion. I use them on myself as well.
LOCAL bee pollen def helps. The raw honey doesn't hurt either. You can find local stuff at craft fairs and farmers markets. That's where I get mine.
Almost any immune boosters will help. There's a ton of them out there. Try to locate a holistic or eastern medicine vet in your area. They will likely have a good option for your area.
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local honey and benadryl worked for us. Gamebred pits were not meant to be old and the "senior issues" were something we had to work around. Don't get me wrong, out pits were the best and least aggressive protectors of our children we could buy. Would not come inside the house until both kids were inside, would stand between any visitor to our house and the family, wag their tails and lick their hands while guarding the family.
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Yeah, old dogs are great.
But my crew are all young. Conner the Pittie is only 1 1/2. I attract pets with issues. Conner has had two soft tissue injuries and now allergies...sigh.🙄
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