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Now I know you guys havent heard the name Penelope from me yet... But it is only cause she is one of our three rabbits (the other two are Crash and Elle)...

That being said, the bunnies stay in our garage. Penelope and Elle are low in a wooden hutch and Crash is on top in a metal hutch. When I go in the garage Sarge follows me (as he always does) and he always walks over to the bunnies in the lower hutch and nudges the chicken wire and scares them to the other side. Then he runs to the other side (which is a full wall) and gets irritated cause he cant see them or irritate them.

So last night he runs to the hutch and nudges Penelope through the chicken wire and instead of running she bites him through the wire... :clap::clap: Sarge jumped back as if he didnt know what to do - like "she is actually standing up for herself!!"... I had to laugh... This went on for like 20 minutes and Sarge was just astonished at the fact that he couldnt make Penelope run from him anymore...:rolleyes::rolleyes:

After that he wouldnt go out in the garage with me anymore... lol
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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