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[FONT=&quot]By Scot E. Dowd Ph.D.[/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Scatterbreeding within the APBT may or may not be a good thing but in most cases that we see, especially in regards to your typical back yard breeder, scatter bred dogs usually end up lacking in all but the most basic of breed type, they are typically genetically unpredictable in temperament and Conformation in relation to their sire and dam (The meaning of this: It is not that scatterbred individuals can not look very pretty and they may even fit the standard but ultimately because there is no consistency in their lineage there is also no consistency in their genetics).[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]What this means is that breeding a scatterbred dog is typically a BAD THING TO DO, especially in these times where there are thousands of pit bulls that end up in shelters and in rescues.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]It is not that a scatterbred dog will be unstable of temperament but because we are lacking perspective based upon experience with the increasing diverse traits of the ancestors we do not likely know if the dogs Grandmother was viscous to humans or extremely timid. Thus, the scatterbred dog you own may be fine, but it is possible for it to throw timid or viscous dogs similar to the Grandmother. As a Reputable Breeder you want to avoid this type of possibility. We do not want to propogate Fear Issues or Aggression in our breed. For this reason we usually see scatterbred puppies from the same litter with wide variation in regards to Temperament, health, coloration, type and many other traits that are set and maintained by Linebreeding.)[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]Consider a new kennel that has a scatterbred female they are very proud of because it is their first "papered dog" and a good quality linebred female of medium Inbreeding Coefficient. The very sad thing actually is that, these days, anyone that owns a pit bull, no matter the lineage, thinks they need to breed them. Anyways, the scatterbred owner, rather than outsourcing to a higher quality stud of the line of the female or outcrossing to a high quality stud of another set germ-line, they took the easy route and bred to the "in house" or "down the street" scatterbred male. We must wonder to what purpose this is done. Because we really know nothing about the scatterbred dam nor the equally scatterbred sire nor anything about the consistency of traits many generations behind them. Thus, we now know nothing genetically about the puppies. Breeding a linebred animal (see Linebreeding) to a scatterbred animal is not Outcrossing it is producing another generation of scatterbred puppies. However, if we bred the puppies from this litter back to the sire we would be on the road to developing a specific germline (in the long run) but in reality this should only be done if the scatterbred animal is of the utmost quality in all the traits we desire (or at least a majority) and certainly traits that are lacking in the stable germline. If this scatterbred animal is only mediocre quality then we will be developing a mediocre germline that must be improved in an uphill breeding effort.[/FONT]
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