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Ok my pitbull is 1y/o, and we've had her since she was about 6 months. When we leave the house Maggie goes crazy and jumps up in the window and scratches the window, or when she's in her crate and we're going to sleep she whines. If she is in a bedroom and we're in another room and the door is closed she whines, it's almost like a cry every time. Could this be separation anxiety?

Maggie's story: Me and my husband decided we wanted a pitbull, he wanted a female and I wanted a white pitbull, well lets just same Maggie is both. lol We went to the shelter and she was the first dog I saw when we parked the car. We looked at 2 other pitbulls before we got to her and when we met her she was amazing. All she wanted to do was play. The lady at the shelter told us she was brought their by a hispanic family who couldnt have her anymore cuz of their landlord. Well she was then adopted by an old man but he brought her back because she was too strong for him. Well the lady told us we looked like the perfect couple for Maggie and we felt the same way. And we've had her since.

I'm thinking she whines because she's afraid we're leaving her for good? But it's weird she doesnt want to be too far from us. Even if she is in eye view of us when we're going to sleep and shes in her crate she cries. When she's not in her crate at night she usually sleeps under our bed. When my husband goes to work she jumps up in bed with me and will not leave the bed. It makes me sad but I can't take her everywhere with me. Could this be from her past?

Does anyone have any advice???
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