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Seward County, KS Repeals 20 year old "pit bull' ban - KC DOG BLOG:clap:

Last night, in a 3-2 vote, the Seward County Counsel voted to repeal the county's 20 year old breed ban.

Seward County is a small county (22,500 population) in southwestern Kansas (the county seat is Liberal) that originally passed a ban in 1991 that included a grandfather clause. In February, the counsel updated the law to remove the grandfather clause, acknowledging that any dog that would have been covered under the grandfather clause would have long since passed away.

Eliminating the clause brought attention to the law itself and last night, the repealed the whole thing.

An area citizen, Gerald Valentine (who has a bit of a questionable track record), noted that breed specific laws were not enforceable -- and noted several other area cities including Wellington, KS, Edwardsville, KS and Topeka, KS that have all repealed their breed bans.

This community will now work to build a new breed-neutral dangerous dog law. I highly recommend they take a look at the replacement law in Edwardsville as a base -- as it is a really good law that is very proactive in nature, yet allows appropriate due process for dog owners.

Congrats to the rational folks in Seward County who repealed the ordinance -- and best of luck as they work to replace it with a better, updated law.

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LOL finally! ... I actually remember people from Kansas saying that from various counties.. :clap: :goodpost:
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