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I'm volunteering for a local shelter and they currently have a beautiful red/black nose pit bull female with a nice crop job. She's a little lanky, but she's fit for a shelter dog. They put her out back away from the other dogs because she was 'turning aggressive' towards the other dogs, but when I walked her past two labs and a little mix that were biting THROUGH the kennels at her she completely ignored them because there was kibble on the ground.

I know nothing else about her personality. She's very 'sweet' with people, but has no manners and jumps up and mouths your hand. She's been here for a while and is stressed.

I like the dog, and I'm not an expert on confirmation, but I think she looks good. Good rear leg, not overly done, straight forelegs, her elbows line up with her rib cage perfectly. Her feet may turn out a bit, but it could have been from the wet pavement yesterday. I'm going to take a few pictures of her and post here for others to give me opinions.

I'm in the market for a sport dog. I'd like to foster her for a month or two to see how she fits in to our household and if she'd be any good for agility, tracking, weight pull. At the very least it will get her out of the shelter until she finds a suitable home.
I currently have a deposit on a litter (non-PB) to be born in February, and I still plan on purchasing a pup if they turn out for what I want.

My problem is that I've never had two sport dogs at the same time. The pup won't be able to do much of anything except foundation work until he's grown up a bit, but this shelter dog is at least 2 and there are trainers and groups in the area that I've already touched base with to start training as soon as I pay the fees. I know others here have multiple sport/pet dogs so I'd like to hear from you about what you think of the whole situation, any advice you might want to give, anything that pops up in your head really.

Just a side note - the house seems to run better when there are multiple dogs in it! We'll never be a one pet family.
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