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everyone knows dogs feed off of other people and the energy they create , I think alot of people make situations worse then they would have been if they had just relaxed a bit. I know in my neighborhood we have alot of dog owners and mydogs can walk by other people and there dogs just fine without even glancing at them, but there is this one oriental ladythat has this lil shitzu spazz puff ball and anytime we come across her she gets all worked up and grabs her dog and then causes her dog to get all yappy and brave and spazzy and it gets my guys a bit more amped then normal. I swear if people learned how to react when they come across a dog it would make situations so less difficult. Your dog was probably just going off this ladys exagerated fear I wouldnt worry too much unless this is a regular occurance.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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