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OK Ashes is such a friendly dog we're still working on her on trying to stop her from jumping on ppl when she greets them and I mean she will jump on ppl she does not know and act like a total lovebug which I love! I don't complain about it minus the jumping because I know there are ppl out there afraid of pitbulls...
So yesterday I took my dogs hiking and she was fine with ppl and dogs passing around us she paid attention to the "leave it command" but coming around a corner a lady coming toward us was walking pretty fast, my bf was walking ashes and the lady stopped immediately!! And froze and was sooooo hesistant about Ashes but super exxagerrated! Ashes caught on to this and started to bark at her! :confused: she has never done this at all!
I've had pit bulls who have done this but it's was from being skittish and afraid of ppl. Ashes is not afraid of ppl and when tend to have a lot of ppl over and she's cool with everybody. Should I be concerned with training her a lot more?? Or could have been she sensed the lady was terrified of her and her stance caused Ashes to bark at her??
Like I said I've dealt with HA dogs and dogs afraid of ppl but Ashes isn't either of these. Input anybody and help would be much appreciated.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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