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I was wondering about how long does it take a dog to earn a title such as champion? Whats the max amount of points a dog can earn at a show in 1 day for 1 certain event? I ask b/c I want to get into show and wp soon, but I will be limited to the southern states and prob still wouldn't be ale to make all the shows.

I know once a dog reaches 100pnts it earns CH. status, but is that dog limited to only earn 5-8, or whatever it is 1st place pnts for the day then wait for another show to add on to its tally for that yr? Could someone with knowledge please help me out? Thanks
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Im glad to see you getting into showing and wanting to prove your dogs :) <3 ... I do not know much about the popint system I am still working on training :) ... Kera King Dora Nilla Tonka Bella and I will be hittin the shows this year we hope :) *prays to the show gods* "Time, Money and Health please be on our sides" :D
thank you! perfect ... where did you get it from? I was looking on ADBA (i got side tracked) but still didnt find it
THANK YOU HOLLY :) im a ditz and started looking around in the wrong places for the wrong thing lol... THANK YOU Lady Rampage!! that gets me stoked to show this year doubt theyll do well tho ... my tails are too long and my chests too shallow :(
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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