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I was wondering about how long does it take a dog to earn a title such as champion? Whats the max amount of points a dog can earn at a show in 1 day for 1 certain event? I ask b/c I want to get into show and wp soon, but I will be limited to the southern states and prob still wouldn't be ale to make all the shows.

I know once a dog reaches 100pnts it earns CH. status, but is that dog limited to only earn 5-8, or whatever it is 1st place pnts for the day then wait for another show to add on to its tally for that yr? Could someone with knowledge please help me out? Thanks
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Doesn't it also depend on who your showing with the point system might be different for the UKC I am pretty sure it is .. Lindsey, Performance Kennels, Lady Rampage, Patch-O-Pits, those ladies would know for sure. First you need to look at your dog and get an idea of what standard your dog falls into. Each Registry has a different set of standards. I couldn't take my dogs to UKC shows because they don't fit the standard. They are ADBA style dogs. Once you know where your dog fits standard wise you go from there. These ladies will jump in and give you a break down on the point system though. And Secd is right there are some fine looking bulldogs in Georgia lot's of competition at the Adba shows. Good Luck to you.
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