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Aw they say pets have similar characteristics to their owners...and she's a perfect match to you! You have matching smiles in the last pic! Sooo cute!
Haha She is! LoL, she's so funny with the camera & not shy one bit. Her smile cracks me up LOL

Love those first two pics. I have days like that too!
HAHA me too! I was scared at first when I walked out until I saw her breath. Then grabbed the camphone immediately lol

OMG so freakin precious! Candra, you're such a hottie!
LoL, awe shucks! TY;)

She is beautiful! And your pretty cute yourself ;)
She & Lex are my heart. LOL he's just camera shy...LOL ty ;)

Woo hoo Candra I love pics of Lily and ya are so darn cute, I have to agree that y'all have the same smile :D Gorgeous :D
LOL - she's fun to take pics of/with lol!! THANK YOU

OMGosh how cute is she!! I love puppies!
Isn't she just a ham lol!

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hahahaha thats a riot! So cute! she was just OUT lol
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