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Dog warden wonders if pup chewed off foot
'It would have taken ... a long time'

The pit bull believed to have chewed off the boy's foot had small teeth, shown here, Dog warden Tom Skeldon said. The pup weighed under 20 pounds. It would have taken a long time for the pup to cause such damage.

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A pit bull puppy accused of chewing off a disabled boy's foot didn't seem big enough to quickly cause such damage, according to Lucas County Dog Warden Tom Skeldon.

"If this dog did this, it would have taken him a long time to do it," Mr. Skeldon said yesterday of the incident in North Toledo that cost 4-year-old Jameille Walker one of his feet on Friday.

The puppy, which was less than 4 months old, weighed just under 20 pounds and had small teeth. It would have needed hours to chew off Jameille's foot, Mr. Skeldon said.

Jameille has spina bifida and cannot feel pain in his lower extremities.
"It's questionable, " Mr. Skeldon said. "If this dog did this all by his lonesome, it would have taken him awhile. And where was the parent?"

Tomorrow, Jameille's mother, Martina Jennings, 23, of 1209 St. John Ave., is to be arraigned on felony child endangering in Toledo Municipal Court. She remained in Lucas County jail last night. Calls to the home were not answered. The Blade was unable to reach other family members.

Although Mr. Skeldon said he has many questions about the case that merit investigation, Toledo Police Sgt. Tim Noble said authorities are done.

"We're not doing any follow-up on it," he said, adding that it appeared clear from the dog's bloody lips that it chewed off the boy's foot. "We're done with it. It's a simple investigation. "

He said he did not expect further charges.

Dean Sparks, Lucas County Children Services executive director, said through a spokesman that he was waiting for police to finish their investigation.

No information was available from Toledo Hospital on Jameille's condition.

The puppy was euthanized Friday afternoon. Its body is to be examined for rabies by health officials this week. Rabies doesn't appear to be a big threat; Lucas County has not had a recorded case of a dog with rabies in more than 50 years, Mr. Skeldon said.

The dog warden had originally said he would keep the puppy for 10 days before euthanizing it. But he and other officials later decided, because of the severity of the case, to euthanize it immediately, he said.

On Friday, Ms. Jennings had told a deputy warden that she awoke and was alerted by another child that her son's foot was red, Mr. Skeldon said.

She said she saw the injury and blood on the dog's face and chest, Mr. Skeldon said.

She apparently took the boy to the hospital and later surrendered the puppy to authorities. Mr. Skeldon's office received a call from Toledo police about 11:45 a.m. and later seized the dog at the family's home.

It was unclear how long the family owned the puppy. Ms. Jennings said the puppy was 2 months old, according to the dog warden, who said he thought it was 3 or 4 months old.

The property manager of the home Ms. Jennings rents said that she had lived there for only a few months and he did not know she had a dog.

"Neither myself nor the guy who heads up our repair ever recalled seeing a dog," said Craig Gordy, property manager for his father, Chris Gordy.

The dog warden said he does not have record of any dogs belonging to Ms. Jennings. However a dog license isn't required until a puppy is 3 months old.

The other two children in the home, who are ages 2 and 8, were placed with relatives, Mr. Sparks has said. The agency's first contact with the family came within the last two weeks when it made a home visit after someone
expressed a concern about possible child abuse or neglect, Mr. Sparks has said.

The agency was in the process of doing an assessment when the dog bite occurred. There were no concerns about the puppy after the recent visit, Mr. Sparks has said.

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Mother of boy chewed by pit bull is indicted


The mother of a disabled boy who is believed to have had his foot chewed off by a pit bull puppy was indicted yesterday by a Lucas County grand jury.

Martina Jennings, 23, of 1209 St. John St. was indicted on one count of child endangering, a third-degree felony. She will be arraigned in Common Pleas Court. A hearing has not been scheduled.

Ms. Jennings took her son, Jameille Walker, 4, to Toledo Hospital on Feb. 2 for injuries she claimed were caused by the family's dog.

Jameille has spina bifida and cannot feel pain in his lower extremities.

Ms. Jennings, who was arrested Feb. 5 and is free on a $10,000 bond, is accused of failing to secure the dog, which chewed off her son's foot up to the ankle, court records state.

The 4-month-old puppy was euthanized.


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I don't see how a small 3-4mo pup could possibly chew off the foot of a 4yr old. This sounds like another case of poor parenting. The pup lost its life and a child is scared for life all because this mother wasn't doing her job by making sure the child was safe and the pup was safe. I hope she doesn't get her childern back if the officials were already going to investigate her on a different matter.
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