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I am talking to my sister now on Facebook. She lives in a small town "nowata ok" Well, she told me that the cops shot her friends dog.

Here is our convo

Her : He shot and killed my friends pitbull, there is blood all over my friends carport

Me : oh my god!

Her : guess hostility, thats the dogs name, he got out of his dog pen
and the animal control came out, so instead of detaining the dog to the pound, thomas just shot the dog, dog wasnt aggressive or anything
the dog was his best friend, he is really upset

Me : omg that is so freaking sad
can he do anything

Her : isnt that animal crulity? do you agree that he the cop should lose his job? i told my friend i would talk to you, see if theres anything we can do

Me : I will post it on the board, I think that he could file charges, but he would need proof that the dog didn't charge at the cop
which might be difficult to prove

Her : so far nothing has been done to thomas, but i think he should be in trouble, these nowata cops think they can do whatever they want, and its bull****

me : All the cop has to say is he felt threatened, I've seen this happen a lot

Her : i guess thomas said that the dog wasnt aggressive, but couldnt they of mased it or some other non leathal tactic

Me : yes they def could
but they usually shoot them

her : ticks me off, i knew you wouldnt be happy to hear about this either

Is there anything her friend can do? I don't think there is but if I can offer any insight I'd be happy too. These small town cops really do go overkill!
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