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Snow, snow go away....

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come again...well, never! Seriously, anyone else in the upper midwest not liking the looks of this storm? We are supposed to get anywhere from 8 to 20 inches! Nice way to narrow it down there Mr. Weatherman. I guess it all depends on where the warm and cold meet, and the jet streams involved. The other option is a sleet and ice situation...not one bit better:( Hoping for a miracle shift of directions here:) Rant over:)
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we've had 3 days of decent weather in tennessee. We've not been as hard hit as y'all in the midwest, but bad for tennessee weather. It felt wonderful not to grab the carhartt's to go out to the barn! Just keep 'membering that springs coming. That's been my chat for the past few weeks, LOL.
Yeah, it's not been too bad the last few days.. weather in the low to mid 60s here, but I heard last winter and this winter have been the worst in about 10 yrs or so for this area of NE TN. I wouldn't know since I'm not from here, but I do know I don't like the snow, and I'm ready to move back to the real South, lol.

Christian and all the rest of you Northern folk, I hope the weather is good to you. I'm hoping the weather forecast is wrong, and that Spring really is just around the corner! A girl can dream, can't she!?
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