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i have been looking and researching the RAW prey diet vs. Kibble diet...

i was wondering if any of yall have any other opinions on this... i mean i do see the difference in dogs opposed to the diets, do any of you know if the RAW diet affects the growth or shape of the dog as it is a pup? or overall does it just depend on her traits? wether or not she will be big or wide or muscular(as her parents). i ask this because i do see the size difference in my dog compared to her sisters(who eat JUNK kibble) the big difference is she is more muscular, but very much smaller, in mass wise... then them and i was wondering if this is due to her "Diet".

i basically ask this because ive been looking at pictures of peoples pits that are on raw diets opposed to kibble fed, and there is a BIG difference. it seems like every picture you can tell a difference that ones being fed a raw and the other not.

i want to build her up but not make her over weight... i know she has potential to be like her parents, more muscular and wide but it seems like the raw diets stopping the mass effect on her...:/

any opinions??
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