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Our neighbor's horses get out every now and then and they come here to see my horse. Tonight my neighbor pulled in and was asking if I had seen them as they got away again. Seen tracks all over in the snow here but no horses. So I got bundled up and then the bright idea hit me...I'll take Peaches..maybe she'll help. It's 10pm pitch black. So we go out flashlight in hand. Go down the driveway and she's looking in this one direction and pulling. I say no..we're going to go this way. She puts her nose down finds a hoof print and follows it. So we go along and go down and turn on this one road...she lost the scent. We turn around..she stares off in this one direction. I ignore it and we go back to start over. Suddenly I see tracks in the snow going the way the first time she looked. Sure enough..we go in and find them standing there. Chase them home. My neighbor is so happy. He drove up to ask if we found them and I said yeah she tracked them and found them. He said God Bless my dog and he's going to bring her a huge reward for it. So once again the pit is in the light of the good! And she's had no tracking training or anything. I just told her to find it when I found a hoof print. Plus I think she could hear them moving around in the field where they were hanging out. So I'm proud of my girl for doing what was out of her way and not knowing any training for it!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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