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Try taking a toy, playing with her a bit on the ground with it, getting her drive up. Then, tie her nearby and let her watch you play with the toy by yourself, and then attaching it to the springpole. Play with it again, or let another dog play with it, until she's whining with anticipation. Then, let her loose to get it. She may or may not leap up to get it... but if she does, pull her off of it after a minute or so, and end the session. At this point, you can't let her play on it until she's bored. Same with any toy. If this process doesn't work, try getting a hold of some animal hide, like cow or rabbit. That usually works. :)

oh, and the height of the springpole should be low enough to where at least her back feet are on the ground. I'd start it lower than that in the beginning.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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