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Please write to the Springfield city officials to encourage a repeal of their ban on pit bulls and the passing of a generic dangerous dog law. ~ Jodi

City Clerk's Office
Busch Municipal Building
840 Boonville
Springfield, Missouri 65802
e-mail: [email protected]

City Manager
Bob Cumley
[email protected]

Springfield City Council
City Hall: 417-864-1651
*Fax: 417-864-1649
email: [email protected]
840 Boonville Ave., Springfield, MO 65802
Calendar of City Council Meetings

City Council Members
Council Member Seat Current Term Expiration
Thomas J. Carlson Mayor 2007
Denny Whayne 1 (Northwest Springfield) 2009
Shelia O. Wright 2 (Northeast Springfield) 2007
Ralph K. Manley Mayor Pro Tem
3 (Southwest Springfield) 2007
John Wylie 4 (Southeast Springfield) 2009
Mary Collette General A 2009
Gary Deaver General B 2009
Conrad Griggs General C 2007
Bob Jones General D 2007


Burlison, an assistant manager at the printing facility Ozark Tape and Label, said he is not sure where his colleagues stand on the issue, but the City Council could effect immediate change by repealing a pit-bull registration ordinance passed last year.

That law should be replaced with one that would give animal-control officers the authority they need to deal with aggressive dogs, he said.

Burlison noted that Greene County officials passed legislation that addressed the vicious-dog issue without being breed specific.

The city would not have to duplicate that ordinance, but it is worth a look, he said.

Rushefsky said the lines of communication between city officials and the public need to be improved.

"People really feel disenfranchised from city government," she said. "This should be the level of government where everyone is engaged."

The mechanisms are in place on paper for people to become involved, she said; it just needs to be made accessible.

The solution could be as simple as going into neighborhoods with slide presentations to explain how government works, said Rushefsky.

"I'm a big believer in making things simple," she said.

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