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Bare with me since I am a total newb and just am anal when it comes to getting stuff right...

Ok so as of this past Wednesday night I started Remy on PMR. The research I've done (extensively) says to start with chicken for a few weeks and then slowly introduce a new protein such as turkey which I plan on using since its easily accessible where I live. I just wanted reassurance that I am doing this all correctly.

The first night I gave him a drumstick for dinner (he was like a natural it was adorable) and the following morning (thursday) the same thing.

Then I went to the store yesterday and got some quarters cause I felt that the drumsticks weren't enough food 2x a day cause he seemed hungry which I know he will since he's a dog but idk I just didn't feel drumsticks had enough meat. Please tell me if I am wrong in doing this so I can correct.

So last night he got his first quarter and he LOVED IT of course, took him longer to get that down too which was good. He was so tired afterwards!

I am not too focused on numbers per what I have gathered on here and another forum I am just going off of what I feel is right and looking at his poops.
So the first morning after his first raw meal he pooped and it was a small amount and it was solid. Then that night he pooped again and it was small and solid!

This morning when I woke up and took him out he pooped again and it was solid & a small amount so I think i am on the right track. But I was wondering if since he's had solid poop for two days now should I start maybe adding in a little skin? to try and get him used to that?

and would it maybe be a good idea to weigh the drumsticks and quarters to get an idea of how much they are so when I get to the organs and such I can calculate better or just keep eyeballing and going off how he looks and his poop?!

Thanks for any help!

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No on the skin. And yes on the weight.

The skin I would wait on for awhile. Maintain the chicken for a week, then add in a dime sized amount. Maintain that for a couple of days, then add more, maintain for a couple of days, and continue on that way until you are no longer skinning the chicken.
Slow and steady keeps the solid poops.
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