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StubbyDog of the Week: Trinity

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Written by mom Alison Ward

Trinity, a sweet pittie that adopted us labor day weekend in 2008. We had just returned from Greenville, NC and were getting our stuff out of the car when a neighbor called out to us asking if we knew who the dog belonged too. We peeked from around the car and saw a pit barreling towards us. I'm not so sure what my husband's first thought was but mine was "holy sh**!" This dog was in a full on all out run. How surprised were we when she sat at our feet and begged for love. The rest of the afternoon, she ran back and forth between our house and the two neighbors' houses, playing with the kids. I remember I kept thinking that this was not what a pit was suppose to do. I kept waiting for that "attack" to happen. It never came. Animal Control picked her up on Tuesday and we were told she would be put down in 5 days since she was a pit if no one claimed. That by law they could not adopted her out, but since it was a family member that picked her up, they would release her back into our care.

My family and one of the neighbors debated heavily on who would adopt her if no one adopted her from the shelter, since none of us wanted this dog put down. Eventually, my husband and I adopted her and name her Trinity. She was our third dog thus our trinity was complete. She was nothing but skin and bones. We found out that she belonged to the family one street behind us from some other neighbors. The family had moved in mid-August!

Trinity was so loving and patient with the dogs and kids. Drew was 3 and Jordan was 13 months at the time and Trin wanted nothing more than to love and protect them. She even took to protecting me very quickly. Whenever Sunny or Nero was out, Trin did not like when they barked at me or jumped on me.

A few weeks after adopting Trin, we notice her belly swelling. It was almost like she had bloat. It was just in one central spot so I called the vet and set up an appointment. While waiting at the vet's office, I notice her belly moving. I looked at my husband and said "She's pregnant!" and she was. The vet estimated between 4 and 6 puppies due to arrive in less than a week-2 weeks at the most. However the news got worse. Trinity had heart worms too. We agreed to treatment after the puppies were born and weaned. The local shelter insisted we take Trinity back and have her spayed regardless of the fact she was about to give birth. As a mother myself, I could not justify doing that to her.

Less than a week later, she was very calm as we moved her from the cold outside to the warm garage and whelping box in the middle of giving birth. She patiently followed my husband as he moved the 6 puppies. But, oh did Trin have a surprise for us. Trinity gave birth to 9 puppies. Yes 9. I remember very clearly my husband saying "We're not suppose to have 9. She's only suppose to have between 4 & 6." I told him to take it up with the pit bull laying in the box in the garage and to let me know if he won the argument. The night after the puppies were born, we had 13 people come over to see the puppies. I was so proud of Trinity-no aggressive reaction to any of the people. They were strangers to her but they were our friends. She welcomed them all with lots of kisses and tail wags!! Trinity was very fond of letting Drew sit in the box with her and the puppies. He would often follow me to the garage and sit with them while I cleaned and changed the box.

We found homes for all but one puppy and we decided to keep her-Morgan Rose. Morgan became the insurance policy. A puppy to help ease wounds if Trinity did not make it through the heart worm treatment. My sister had to put her dachshund down the day after Thanksgiving and it really hit home with Drew. So we knew as much as he loved Trinity that there had to be something to ease his mind if Trinity didn't make it. No matter what we tried, we could not get Trinity to gain any weight. We cooked hamburger and mixed it in her food. We would add rice in. We did the puppy food. Nothing worked.

January 4, 2009, I went to let her out to take a walk and found she had passed in her sleep. I sat by her and cried. Never has a dog effected me so much. To this day, I can not talk about her with out crying. In such a small amount of time, she made such a huge impression on myself and my family. "It took one dog to give others hope," had become our motto in Trinity's honor!

Morgan's sister, Peanut, lives two houses over and they get together for play dates. Another brother and 2 sisters live in our town and are doing wonderful-we get updates from the vets office. One brother is in Pennsylvania and loves the snow! Two have passed away-one from parvo and the other was poisoned by a "pit hater". The last sister lives with another friend one county over.

Since Trinity's Hope was started, we have adopted out 20 pits, including Trinity's 9 miracles!! We work exclusively with our local shelter, bringing pits to our home to play with our pack of 2 pits-Morgan and Dozer and 2 boxer mixes-Sunny & Nero, after they have passed their temperament tests.




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