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Meet Mabel - she has her own Facebook page:
Rescue Mabel | Facebook

Two-year-old Mabel was found shortly after New Years, next to a dumpster in her crate in frigid temps (just about 10 degrees - see photos for how we found her). It was clear she had weaned puppies recently, so this was a dumped momma dog. She might have been used for Christmas puppies and they clearly dumped her when they were done.We received the call about her and immediately went into motion to find a foster home. We went to meet her at the vet (she was there for her stray hold) to assess her temperament. What a sweet,sweet girl! Just so loving and resilient! Mabel was a little emaciated but all in all, in good shape. All she wanted was to be loved on and to kiss you. She also did very well with the two males we brought for her to meet - she's just a loving playful girl, our Mabel! It was really hard to leave her that day but the town's clerk's office was closed so we had no choice. Coincidentally as we were leaving, they brought in another dumpster girl. This one was in much worse shape than our Mabel, absolutely heartbreaking :(

So now she's safe in her foster home with some great girls who are loving her up and all she needs is to find her forever home! Mabel is available through Pitty Love Rescue.

Contact: Pitty Love Rescue
Welcome to Pitty Love Rescue
Jenn via email: [email protected]

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