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StubbyDog Rescue Dog of the Week #2: Theresa

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Meet Theresa.

Theresa is 6 years old. She has waited patiently to be adopted for almost 4 years! Why so long? We have no idea! She is smart, well trained, and very sweet. She is strong and needs a lot of exercise, but with the help of an Easy Walk harness, Theresa is a gem. She has had a lot of basic obedience training, and knows: sit, stay, down, come, heel, go to your bed, leave it, and drop it.

Theresa loves to play fetch more than anything in the world.

She was adopted briefly this past summer by a family with two children. The kids ran around the yard and played ball with her for hours at a time, and she was ecstatic. Then the husband called to say his insurance company wouldn't cover a pit bull (even though he knew she was a pit bull when she was adopted). He refused to contact any other insurance companies because he had used his current company for seven years, and because "all my friends tell me I shouldn't own a pit bull."

So Theresa came back. It was breed-bias at it's worst. Devastated to be back in a kennel, Theresa lost a lot of weight and began chewing on her feet. It took several months for her depression to lift.

Theresa deserves a home. She likes children, but because of her size they should be a little bit older. She doesn't mind being in the vicinity of other dogs, but doesn't seem to like little dogs. She has had dog-friends in the past, but we don't know whether she wants to live with another dog. She does not like cats. Theresa is house-broken, calm, and if given a chance, will make a wonderful companion. She has been let down by people in the past, so it can take her a little longer to open her heart to new people.

More than anything she needs an owner that will provide her with a nice long walk (or run) every day. She has the stamina to run a few miles, and enjoys rollerblading when the weather is nice.

If you are interested in adopting Theresa, please visit The Simon Foundation website at www.thesimonfoundation.organd click on the ADOPT tab to submit an online application to adopt a dog.

Stephanie Ferguson
Executive Director
The Simon Foundation, Inc.
(860) 519-1516 Work
The Simon Foundation : Connecticut Pet Adoption Organization

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